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Examination & Clean

Regular check ups are critical to maintaining your oral health and helping to prevent serious and potentially expensive issues from arising. A comprehensive examination and clean with discussion of treatment plans may require up to 90 minutes, however average check up and cleans may be completed in 30 minutes.

Root Canal

Root & Canal Therapy

This treatment helps eliminate pain caused by infections in the tooth, restoring health back to the area and keeping the tooth for longer. Contrary to common belief root canal treatments are actually often painless and can be performed in the event of infected, inflamed, or severely swollen nerve endings associated with a tooth.

Crown Bridge

Crown & Bridge

A crown is a custom made restoration to cover the remaining tooth that has been carefully prepared by our dentists. Crowns rebuild and strengthen weakened teeth and also improve the appearance by modifying shade, colour, and alignment. In the event of missing teeth, bridges can often be used to replace them.



Some teeth may require extraction as a result of trauma, infection, or extensive decay to prevent further health complications such as infection. Additionally a tooth may be extracted due to overcrowding of the mouth in preparation for orthodontic treatment.



Implants are precisely machined inserts that are seated into the jaw and act as a replacement tooth root. This provides and excellent foundation to support the abutment and crown that form the prosthetic tooth. A well maintained dental implant can last upwards of forty years.



Teeth whitening is an excellent way to improve self esteem and refine that brilliant, white smile. Improve confidence by lightening the natural colour of the teeth after general staining caused by tea, coffee, some foods, and tobacco.