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Teens & Children


First Visit

It is highly recommended children first visit the dentist at 2 years of age. This early contact facilitates the development of trust and familiarity. The initial visit and annual follow up appointments should continue until the child is comfortable with the dentist examining & cleaning their teeth.



Crooked or abnormally arranged teeth can be associated with lower self-esteem and oral health risks. braces and other orthodontics can be used to align teeth and eliminate potential related issues with speech, eating, or brushing and flossing. Our passionate team provide developmental screening for all children to identify abnormalities and the need for orthodontics at the correct ages. If you are seeking an alternative to braces we offer Invisalign clear aligners at affordable prices. Book in for a FREE Invisalign consult.

Dental Check

Dental Check

By attending regular check ups with your dentist, the risk of extensive and expensive treatment is significantly reduced. By finding, addressing current oral health and dental issues, and discussing treatment plans, more serious issues can be prevented.


Wisdom Tooth Removal

Some wisdom teeth may require removal in the event of symptomatic issues such as pain or related gum issues, particularly in the case of impaction (partially emerged). In these areas food may become trapped around the tooth potentially resulting in decay, gum disease, cellulitis, abscesses, cysts, and benign growths. Antibiotics and antiseptic solutions may treat these problems in some cases, though removal is often necessary.

Early Dental

Early Dental Problems

Regular examinations and developmental check ups are recommended from two years of age onwards. Through early identification and intervention issues can be addressed while treatment is less extensive, easier, and faster.



Although relatively common, injuries to children's teeth, jaws and gums can be prevented in many cases. Good habits should be employed early, with the use of protective equipment such as mouth guards commencing once children start participating in organised sport.